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i just wanted to know, so don't be judgy everyone. 

i wanted to know:

1. if a couple having sex with protection, then he ejaculates, he took off the protection, wiped his shaft, is there still a possibility that sperm still live?

2. what will happen if they continue having sex after about 5 minutes without protection -without penetration but just skin to skin rubbing- is there a chance that she will get pregnant?

3. if she gives him a ha****b, and he ejaculates on her tummy but they wiped it off right away, is there a chance the sperm will still can travel to the vagina even they dried?

4. what will happen if they continue doing question number 2?

5. is it true, only penetration can get woman pregnant?

6. can sperm swim from outer vagina to the egg?

so here a my question for now. i just wanted to know because i'm just human who seeking for an answers. don't be so judgy everyone. respect people who seeking for knowledge.


Hi Tasmin,

1.  Yes the sperm could be alive.  Wiping the shaft will not kill sperm.  They won't live long though.  Once they dry they die.
2.  Possibly she can get pregnant.  If any semen comes out of the urethra and gets into the vagina.
3.  No sperm outside won't get her pregnant.  Sperm need to be in the vagina.
4.  The odds increase.  If you've just had sex then there is semen in your urethra.  Just inserting your penis can "squeeze" that semen out.  Precum would also "flush" it out, right into the vagina.
5.  As long as sperm has contact with inside the vagina then pregnancy is possible, penetration or not. 
6.  No, from the outside the body to the inside sperm can't swim.  It needs to contact the inside.