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Okay I have a question I'm only a teenager and me and my boyfriend you know sorta got it on...and if I give him a blowjob before he stuck it in me is there a possibility I could become pregnant from that....he said he didn't cum or precum that he knows of but I looked up that there is a possibility I could become pregnant even if there is precum is that true?...because I gave him 4 blowjobs and he came with those 4 but not with the 5th one and I salivated his penis before we had unprotected sex and would he still have any cum on his penis after I gave him a blowjob before we had sex? I'm soooooo scared please please please respond asap!!!!


Hi Sarah,

If he ejaculated and then put his penis into your vagina, there is a chance of pregnancy.

You CAN NOT clean the inside of his urethra.  Semen is inside it, with sperm.  It is NOT precum.

If he urinated after he ejaculated it is considered to clean out the urethra but there is ALWAYS a chance of pregnancy with any sexual contact.

Good luck.