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Me and my boyfriend has sex on saturday night well early hours of sunday morning, we had sex at first using a condom but he wanted me to give him oral sex so i told him to remove the condom, i gave him oral sex and a hand job which caused him to ejaculate, then we had sex straight after with out a condom and he didnt wipe his self, after this he ejaculated once again on my stomache and played with it with his fingers and then he fingered me... i know this is in rather a lot of detail but is there any chance that i could be pregnant?



Hi Oops,

You may not be pregnant yet but there is definitely a chance.

After he ejaculated the first time, then had sex again without the condom, just by inserting his penis any semen in the urethra would be squeezed out into your vagina.  Any precum would have forced it out as well.

If there was sperm on his fingers AND it got into your vagina then yes, that's another way to get pregnant.

Plan B is an option within 72 hours if you want.  

Good luck.