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me and my boyfriend always have un protected sex .. and my period is now a few days late . my breats are sore but they hurt mainly on the sides & hurt more when i touch them or wear a bra. and i have been so tired , i could sleep all day& my moods snap . im irritable . and last week , after i peed there was some pink on the toilet paper and it occurrd twice . i pee more often than i did before and i get really hot . last week i also had pain in my pelvic area ? and i was bloated. and im more bloated at night. i get nasea but dont throw up. and when i woke up i was craving a pepsi. could i be pregnant ? he has never actually cumed inside me. he pulls out than we we'll go again. but one time we did and he mightve got some in.


Hi Reeed,

If he pulls out, ejaculates, and then goes back in again there is a chance of pregnancy.  He can't clean out his urethra, there would be viable sperm, not precum but sperm, squeezed out of his penis into your vagina.

Yes it is possible you are pregnant.

You notice some pink last week, about a week before you expected your period?  It could be implantation bleeding.

Take a home test.  Use a name brand test.  You MUST use your first morning urine, your wake up pee, for the best accuracy.  If it's negative and you still haven't had your period in another week or so, retest.

Good luck.