My husband and I want a baby.... I had my period January 1-7, January 21st I spotted pink only when I wiped. The spotting went on til the 23rd with some cramping. On the 24th I went to the doctor for my annual pap test. Doctor says "it looks like you are about to start your period." The first came and went no period. Well, I didn't have a period I didn't even suspect I was pregnant until Febuary 14th when my boobs started getting heavy, I started going to bathroom way more than usual. My stomach is bloated, headachs, tired all the time, eating way more than usual. Moody, Foods I don't normally eat I like. Dizzyness, boobs grew a cup size and hurt very bad. I've gained. I've gained 7lbs. My pants won't button. Nasea, light headed, sleep all the time. I've never been pregnant so I don't know whats going on. My scents of smell has changed I can smell stuff I haven't noticed before. My husband had 3 children with his ex wife he swears I'm pregnant.

I went to the OBGYN Febuary 22nd. He did a pelvic exam, a urine and blood pregnancy test both neg. He did other blood work to look for terminal illness and to test my thyroid. All normal. The 24th I had a so called period, it started brown then turned orangish red blood :$ very little on my pad but like a river when I went pee it lasted 6 days no clots a few strings. The 24th I had cramping that only lasted 10 min. then just bleeding

I went back March 4th gained 5lbs since my last visit. He says he doesn't know whats wrong so he put me on birth control. I still have all the symptoms I don't know what to think should I get a different oppinon? PLEASE HELP ME any advise would be very helpful thank u.