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My boyfriend and I had unprotected for the first time. We decided he would pull out before he ejaculates. The first few times we used
this method there wasn't any unusal effects afterwards. This was until one time we did it again and the day later
I had white/brownish vaginal withdrawl that had a horrible smell. There was also a little blood. I have heard that this could be the males cum though we are both sure he pulled out in time. We also thought that it couldn't possibly be mine? I don't know.
Then, a few days the white withdrawl stopped and I began to bleed more.
I started my menstrual. It was normal. What's going here ?


First of all, I don't know what the discharge was, but anything with a foul odor is usually bad, so you should go see your gynogologist. You may have an infection or something that some medicine can easily fix. Theblood may be because youryoung, and youhaven't had sex very much yet? Some women bleed the first dozen times they ever have intercourse. OR you may have an infection. Blood could mean many things, and so could odor. See a dr.

Secondly, you need to be careful because the pull-out method DOES NOT WORK.

Men usually always secrete a small amount of semen DURING sex. It is the body's way of natural helping lubricate the area for successful intercourse. So I gurantee you have had your bf's semen in you - every time! People think that it is a small amount, so it isn't a bg deal. It only takes ONE sperm to get you pregnant. Also, sperm can live inside of your vagina for up to 7 days before they die and are flushed out of your system. That gives them plenty of time to make their way up your canal to your egg.

My sister got pregnant as a teenager (16 yrs old) when she and her bf were having sex for about a month and they didn't use any protection - they only did the "pull out" method. They didn't want a baby yet, but she had a miscarriage because she was very young and her body wasn't ready for a baby. She was devestated. That's a big thing to happen to a young person. That can be preventable.

Don't take offense, but you must be very young. I say that because most young people who have intercourse believe that the pull out method is safe (evenI did when Iwas in high school). If you believe your old enough and responsible enough to have sex then do yourself a favor and go to your gynogologist and get on birth control. Don't be embarrassed, it is smartest thing to do. And they have privacy laws. No one would know unless you told them. There are free clinics as well as Planned Parenthood places where you can get it for FREE. It only takes ONE time to get pregnant. That's why our world's abortion rate is in the MILLIONS, because people are not being responsible.

The worst thing you can dofor yourself if nothing at all!!!! Ifyour not ready to beaparentyet, the best thing to do is take preventative measures. Don't do nothing and end up in a bigger predicament, where you will do things YOU WILL REGRET. Best of luck. Hope this helped.


Thank You very much for the info and advice.

Yes, this did help.