Please help I think I'm pregnant... but does it sound like I am? It's kinda long so bear with me please.... me and my bf had sex on the 17th of July and he came inside me 2 times and I've been off of birth control for almost 6or5 months now but on the 18th(the next day) I got my period in the morning and it was heavy for the first 2 days then it was very light for the rest of the week (normally it's heavy threw out the whole week) and in between the time of the 17th and now no (august 7th)I've been having-extreme dizziness and headaches all the time-peeing so much without drinking a lot- on my lower stomach(under my bellybutton) it's super tender I think the most I have ever felt it- my vigina is kinda purple looking it's pink then more deep purple(normally it's always pink)- soooo hungry- Im so out of breath and tired at doing normal stuff that didn't bother me at all-hard time going poop (most of the time)-bloated!!-everything feels tight like my lunges-my back hurtsBut on the 6th of august I'm supposed to be ovulating.. IT HAS NEVER FELT LIKE THIS BEFORE!!!!!! I normally bearly cramp or never have my lower belly be this tender for period & ovulating ( I took an pregnancy test on the 5th without morning pee and it came out negative) What is happening?