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Any help would be appreciated !!! has anyone experience this: ?

Im trying for a baby and I stopped taking the pill about 10 weeks ago.

Since then I've had no period.

6 pregnancy tests over the last couple of weeks - all negative. %-)

Yesterday I had a tiny bit of brown blood and thought it was my period but then nothing else came :-(

I have been to the doctors but he told me to wait, stop stressing them come back early december.

How can I not worry though - does this mean I have no eggs?


It can take 1-3 months for your body to adjust back to the way it was before the pill; however, I have heard a lot of women say they have trouble getting pregnant after the pill.


That's is not completely true. I have had 3 children over the past 20 years and have been on the pill for all of them, except for the breaks I took off the pill (for 6mo-1 year to become pregnant or while pregnant). I have had no trouble getting pregnant each time. It took 6-7 months to get pregnant the 1st, 2months, on the 2nd, and 6months on the last child. So, everyone is different. It all depends on the person. Good Luck. Keep trying!


It takes awhile for your body to adjust to being off the pill, it took me 1 yr and I had really weird periods after that.

Then as year 2 progressed, I wasnt getting any periods and when I did, it was usually off and then on again, and I'm also in my middle 40's, actually a very young looking 40 something. ;-)

So yesterday somewhat of a period started, then as if it started it disappeared. I know I'm stressed, I dont eat right, my age is a factor.

My husband I have decided to try for our first child, well we will wait and see what happens.

Ok now that your off the pill and it's been over 1 yr, READ THIS:

Actually to tell you the TRUTH about doing a pregnancy test, wait anywhere's from 1 week and upto 3 weeks at the most, this will tell you what you've been waiting to know.

Because when you've missed your period and a few days after the missed days, this will give you a false hope of testing.

Just because you took the test and it said negative, dont believe what it said, you have to give it at least 1 to 3 weeks if any for the results to show yay or nay.

If you feel you cant wait that long, there is a pregnancy test called: Clear Plan Easy (First Response) early test result, another one called Clear Blue Easy (one min) has an 80 percent, always go with the lowest at 25 mIU.

Good Luck!