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My husband and I have been trying for over a year to have a baby and I was very excited to be 4 weeks late with my period, my last period was September 5th and when I was 3 weeks late I started to get nauseated, sore breast, tired all the time, headaches, frequent trips to the bath room...ect but I took several hpt and 2 came back positive (or maybe it was an evaporation line) I went to the doctor and had a urine test that came back negative but the doctor told me it could have been too soon to show up and some women it takes longer for the urine to pick up the hormone (that was when I was 2 weeks late) on November 3rd I started spotting and it only last off and on for 2 days then on the 3rd day (yesterday November 5th) I started bleeding heavier with some clots and today I'm still bleeding bit it's not has heavy has it was yesterday. I have an appointment today for a blood test and my question to you is do you think it's a period or could it be decidual bleeding? there is a history in my family of pregnancy not showing on a urine test and period like bleeding during pregnancy I just need some answers to hold me over till I get the blood test results.

Oh yeah I'm not having any cramping or discomfort like I normally do with a period and believe me, I am the queen of cramps when it's that time of the

Thank you for you're help and taking the time to read this!


It sounds to me like it's possible that you could be pregnant but I don't want to mislead you one way or the other. Have you had any other symptoms? It sounds like what's going on is pretty consistent with your family history. Let me know okay?