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Many people notice at one time or another that they have enophthalmos, the condition also known as sunken eyes or hollow eyes. Sometimes there is a medical condition that causes the eye socket or the eye muscles to move backwards. More often people who notice they have sunken eyes have actually had sunken eyes all along but just never saw them that way before they had LASIK surgery.

LASIK is a procedure for correcting, among other issues, myopia, or nearsightedness. Nearsighted people usually a longer distance from the pupil to the retina. They have long or "sunken" eyes. It's that extra distance that causes the light coming to their eyes to focus in front of the retina so they do not see clearly. LASIK changes the lens of the eye, but it does not change the length of the eye. When the recipient of the procedure no longer needs glasses, then the enophthalos they had experienced all along becomes visible. They may have had naturally prominent cheekbones or unusually deep eye sockets. LASIK only revealed this. That doesn't mean there's nothing to be done.

There are simple cosmetic ways to highlight the eyes so they do not appear hollow. A very, very well-known highly placed American political official does this with orange concealer but doesn't then take additional steps to conceal the concealer. If you don't want to use orange makeup that leaves your face looking orange, try these steps.

  1. Start with orange concealer. Apply it lightly over your lower eyelids. The more blue tones you have under your eyes, the more concealer you need. The point of color correction is to add the opposite of the color that is drawing unwanted attention to your facial features. If you have purple tones, use yellow. If you have a lot of redness, use green. But don't stop with concealer!
  2. Cover the concealer with a matte foundation. "Matte" foundation smooths out tiny bumps and ridges of the skin under your eyes.You apply foundation around your eyes, not just over the concealer, to blend skin tones so that the sunken skin is less noticeable.
  3. Next add normal concealer over the foundation. Use this layer of concealer over the bones of your eye socket to make them less noticeable. 
  4. Now add liquid concealer over your entire face to conceal the concealer that conceals the concealer. Apply lightly and blend over the edges of the concealer you put under your eyes.
  5. Next "cook" the concealer with loose powder. Leave fresh powder on top of fresh concealer for 10 minutes. This keeps the concealer from cracking.
  6. Powder your brows and jaw line. Let this powder sit for another 10 minutes.
  7. Pat your skin with a cosmetic brush, and then sweep off the extra powder. This can be the final step unless you use mascara. Lip color can also draw attention away from your eyes.

If you just don't want to go through all of these steps, the least you should do is to make sure your eyebrows aren't bushy. Plucking or trimming your brows reduces contrast with your eyes so that any sunken contours are less likely.

When the problem is really your facial bones, the simplest solution is cosmetics as above. However, there are sometimes correctable medical causes of hollow eyes. These include thirst (drink water), malnutrition (address the underlying metabolic problem), fractures of the orbital bones around the eyes, silent sinus syndrome (collapse of the maxillary sinus, usually requiring surgical intervention), and cancer, especially breast cancer. Correcting these problems can be very difficult, but using cosmetics will cover them up. There are surgical procedures for broken orbit bones and unusually prominent cheek bones, but learning how to use concealer and powder and to trim your eyebrows will always leave you more options to control the way you look.

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