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My last period started on the 13th of August and ended around the 18th. I had sex three times without protection while ovulating. I have never in my life had spotting ever nor have I had many pms symptoms. On the 29th or 30 I started spotting, it was a pinkish brown discharge and was only really visible when I wiped. It lasted around 3 days and during those 3 days I have some very very light cramping. I still have a little cramping here or there but nothing serious and I'm in no pain. Could that be implantation bleeding? I got really impatient and took at first response pregnancy test today(sept 6) and it came out negative :( I'm not expecting my next period until sept 12-14? Was it too soon for me to test and if so when should I?? I'll appreciate any information or advice, thank you!! Crossing my fingers!


Your fine! It can be your birth control method. Usually a test will respond correctly two weeks after the incident. So most likely your not prego


.. heres my story

aug 24th last period sex on sept 7th possible ovulation ( did the baby dance day before day of and day after)

expected normal  28 day cycle sept 21st ( i have ben 24 to 26 days for 5 yrs never late )

so IM LATE no matter what cycle im on but going by the book! lol ..

all NEG tests so far with FR 6 day early tests.

hoping i implanted on cd 12 I had cramping cd13,14,15 lightening strike pain 3 sec or so on left side .

currently im bloated  , peeing alot , eating like a pig but losing weight? 6 lbs in a week ! im heavier set i was 238 now im 232

some lower back discomfort

nipples sore to touch.

hopding HCG shows up this weekend on FR HPT this time. so frustrating after trying for 5 yrs an nothing never late .

just had hubby tested for SA his count was 10.5 but they said his motility is  OFF the charts high! so that was a good thing and we just needed to try closer to ovulation time.

WELL! here i wait! i already have a son from prior marriage this will be our first together.

no spotting at all! either.

any thoughts? on why no BFP yet? or  am i special and will be closer to the 19 to 21 dpo to get a pos test lol.. i have friends who tell me it took them 2 weeks to 3 weeks after a missed period before they got their bfp



i havent been on birth control in 6 yrs. so im still waiting for either a bfp or af!