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My body has been driving me crazy lately and I am crazy worried, I hope you lovely people can give me some advice.

To start from the beginning. I had sex with a condom, with my boyfriend on January 28th, which was more or less the middle of my cycle. A couple of days later my breasts became tender and painful and this isn't a usual PMS symptom for me.

Six days after the intercourse a heavy brown discharge appeared, too heavy for a panty liner, not enough for more than one pad a day. I would usually have this for a day maybe before my normal period began ever since I went off birth control. But this brown discharge lasted for 4 days and then my period started, moderately heavy with blood clots and strong cramps, more or less the usual, a week long.

4 days after this period ended I had one random episode of brown spotting in the evening, made my panties dirty, appeared when i wiped and didn't happen again. I went to see my OBGYN the next day, February 19th, that would be 3 weeks after I had sex(we haven't had any intercourse since then, he has been away on a work trip). I had a transvaginal ultrasound done, she said everything looked fine except a small cyst on one of my ovaries, but not to worry and check it out after a month, since it might be gone. I had a papsmear and an HPV test done too. 

The breast pain and tension appeared again around February 22nd, only getting stronger day by day, and it is still here. On February 27th I went back to my OBGYN to get my results and talk to her about the breast pain and brown discharge as they were very unusual for me, and had me worried I might be pregnant. By this time I had done over 10 hpts and they all came back negative. She said to wait another week and if it still persists get another ultrasound, breasts including. And that I was unlikely to be pregnant since all the negatives.

Two days later on March 1st the same brown discharge began, up until yesterday evening when it turned bright red. Today its back to brown and weaker. And I cannot stop but worry and obsess over a possible pregnancy, which would sadly be very unhealthy and unwanted for me at the time. I am leaving the country and it will take me another week to see a gynecologist again, and I keep on making hpts, they keep on coming negative and I keep on worrying... 

I have and I will continue to consult with medical professionals, since I know that no matter what advice you give me, only an OBGYN can let me know for sure. I am just looking for people with similar brown flow/breast pain issues who could maybe give me some peace of mind until I can have a proper diagnosis.

If you would be so kind as to help out a very anxious fellow I would be grateful! 



This is a link that has a lot of information about brown discharge and what may be causing it. You may want to read it to help your next doctor visit be a little bit more useful in discovering if you have something wrong. With 10 negative pregnancy test and a doctor telling you your not pregnant I would say you are probably not pregnant.



Dats wat im experiencing 2 months from now and all pt were negative