I am following up on my post yesterday. Four days ago I had surgery for all three items. Today I have had 6 bowel movements and urination became difficult. The sitz bath does work or initiating the bowel movement, but you have to get used to defacating into the sitz bath bowl. Throw it out, rinse the sitz bath bowl and sit in in again to clean, followed by a shower. I felt I was in urinary spasm today, so started taking prescribed valium and percocet. Finally calmed my system down so I could behave more normally. This is not going to be easy. I was hoping to return to work in one week, but we will see. If doctors explained this procedure in detail, few would have it done. The only thing I wonder is why my hemorrhoids weren't banded instead of cut out. I also suspect there is a fine balance in taking citrucel and milk of magnesia. We all have to hang in there, as we have no choice at this point.