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I have suffered with very painful hemorroids for years and they worsened dramatically over the past year, and were affecting my life, so I knew it was time to get something done.

I had the thd procedure 10 days ago. I also had two fair sized skin tags removed at the same time. I had left that part of the operation at my sugeon's discretion as I couldn't decide what to do.

I used my life savings to have this op done privately as I could not face the thought of a full hemorroidectomy on the NHS and I thought what I was having done would be relatively pain free.

Had I know the agony I would be in after having this double procedure done I would never have gone ahead.

I have taken stool softeners/fibre as directed by the surgeon and I find myself running to the loo frequently through the day and the night too. Sometimes I need to pass a stool, and do, although small, sometimes i just pass liquid, but more often nothing happens and it feels like I am straining when I think I need to pass a stool easily - and don't. This whole process has made the stitched skin tag wound area so sore I just cry. That area is so much more swollen than I expected anyway!

I have trouble standing for more than a few minutes at a time as the whole of my back end feels like it is dragging/falling out.

I have barely slept since the op as my toilet is downstairs, so I am spending the nights on my sofa. I am so tired, and really scared now that I wont get better.

I am scared to eat, but am trying to eat what I should.

I have no expert after care as my private "package" included only one follow up appointment with the surgeon, which I had a few days post op so he could check on my problems then. A further request for advice after that was met with a response that I should go to A&E if I was worried, so I feel really alone with this. I have no follow up appointments planned now.

I am seeing my gp next week, and he has been sympathetic on the phone, but he had never heard of the THD so he cannot address most of my concerns.

Can anyone here help?



Hi I had a skin tag removed 10 days ago and could have literally written exactly the same things as you. Dragging pulling feeling and I actually ended up at A&E then back in hospital for 4 days as I had terrible constipation.. I can't tell you the pain I've been through! I'm pretty sure I busted a lot if my stitches and the wound looks grim. Going to GP tomorrow to make sure it is actually healing. I'd be interested to know how your doing now? Xx