Researchers from the Saint Louis University have shown how bad effects high-fat foods combined with sugar-sweetened high fructose corn syrup and a sedentary lifestyle had on liver and other vital organs.

The study was done on mice and lasted for 16 weeks to see the effects of a diet that was 40% fat and replete with high fructose corn syrup. The syrup is a common sweetener used in sodas and some fruit juices. The mice were able to eat whenever and whatever they wanted.

The study showed that fructose suppressed the fullness in comparison to fiber-rich foods that make one feel full quickly.

The researchers did expect to see occurrence of fatty liver disease by the end of the study but they were shocked to see that the effects were much worse than they expected and that the damage was severe and that it occurred that quickly. It took only four weeks for liver enzymes to increase and for glucose intolerance – the beginning of type II diabetes – to appear.

The diet that was given to mice mirrored the diet of American nation that is high in fat and high in fructose corn syrup. The fat content was about the same as in a typical McDonald's meal, and the high fructose corn syrup was about eight cans of soda a day in a human diet. The mice were kept sedentary to reflect a sedentary lifestyle.

They found that such diet and lifestyle had great negative impact on the liver and other vital organs.