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I have had 3 bouts of Pancreatitis in my life. The first was severe enough to hospitalize me for 9 days. The blood test during this hospital admission revealed that my triglyceride level was 200 times the normal limit. My doctor was in shock and ordered a second test, to only find that the first test was accurate. I was informed that if I didn't take control, that my Pancreatitis would become chronic. That was mid 2007. The second was about 5 months ago, and the third was last Sunday. The last 2 were not as severe as the first, but I still had a large amount of pain, and went on a liquid diet, and Ibuprofen 800mg. My Pancreatitis has been brought on by my bad eating habits. I eat large quantities of food at one sitting (binge eating). I have let my profession (truck driver) become an excuse.  I have decided (with my wife's help) to take charge of my consumption, and not let Pancreatitis take my life. I am hoping that someone on here can help me with a life long diet change. A simple list of what not to eat would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and stay strong.


I'm not a doctor, but I've done a bit of research in this area...  

Google around on: Dangers of Polyunsaturated Fats.  It seems polyunsaturated fats may be good for heart health, but not so much for the liver and pancreas, as they tend to oxidize very easily.  Google: Polyunsaturated fat and "Lipid Peroxidation" to learn more on this.  Then google: The Truth About Saturated Fat, for more info.  

Avoiding anything that comes out of a deep fat fryer is paramount, as well as using real butter instead of margarine.  Canola oil is also often mentioned as something to avoid.  Google: Dangers of Canola Oil, for more info here.  It seems canola oil effectively destroys vitamin E in the body.  Look for canola oil in your salad dressings and avoid it.  Soybean oil is better!  

"Fructose" is another food item that it seems is getting a well deserved bad reputation.  It seems your liver turns fructose directly into triglycerides, so "high fructose corn syrup" is another thing to look for and avoid.  

Other than that, it seems "Lecithin" found in eggs is the favorite food of both your liver and pancreas.  Lecithin helps your liver process fats and triglycerides and move them out of your body through bile production.  

Good Luck & GodSpeed to you!  


I forgot to mention... You might want to avoid excess iron.

Iron is good for little boys and girls, menstruating and pregnant women, but not so good for men once they reach middle age.

Avoid any vitamin or supplement that contains any iron at all, and try to eat more chicken than red meat.

Iron is another thing that promotes lipid peroxidation which is very stressful for the pancreas. Google: Iron, Too Much of a Good Thing, by Bill Sardi for more on this.