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Hi, I am over-weighted and want to change my diet. I am trying to decrease consumption of all kind of sugars. Are high fructose corn syrup containing products endangering weight?


High fructose corn syrup is made from corn starch using enzymes to increase quantity of fructose. HFCS usage is increased in many processed foods and soda drinks, as usage of sugar is decreasing. Commercial grades of high fructose corn syrup usually have fructose contents of 42%, 55%, or 90%. Some studies found a link between obesity and high HFCS consumption, as this is result of augmented consumption of soft drinks. There are other factors enabling obesity like the increased consumption of fat, the increased consumption of all sugars, and inactivity. If you choose fresh fruit instead of soft drinks it would effect your health in multiple ways.


High fructose corn syrup is garbage, i recommend staying away from it

for me, pop is killer, i simply love the carbonation
now, they do have carbonated water, but i've never found something that could keep me going off the pop

energy drinks, total sugar garbage

watch the caffiene, studies show caffiene causes fat to relocate (could be good?) however, usually in areas you may not want it, such as your stomach, ect.

milk is nature's sports drink, no fat, loaded with vitamins, and great stuff

but where's your kick gonna come from?

personally that 1 or 2 reward pops i allowed myself to have, just made my wall of resolve crumble like mud bricks

so, find something healthy

and you may see me mention it, but only because it is truly awesome; XS energy drinks are HEALTHY, AWESOME tasting

also, find a good multi-vitamin, GNC has a good one, nutrilite as well

dont skip on on the excersise, not talking marathons, ANYTHING to get your heart jumpstarted and burning calories, 5-10 minutes, a few times a day
run in place...jumping dont even need to sweat, if you do, props to you

also, to lose weight...EAT
not joking, instead of 3 big meals, keep the tank full!!! eat 6 smaller meals, your biggest should be breakfast, load up!!

try to eat your last meal the earliest possible, late meals go right into storage


There was a study done at the University of Pennsylvania that confirmed obesity has been seriously affected by the use of HFCS. Corn Refiners people and the mfrs. of HFCS still want to blame our growing size on lack of exercise and eating too much, but there is much, much more to this. The UP study showed that HFCS makes our bodies unable to recognize when we're full and no longer hungry.

HFCS betrays us. And so do the food mfrs. who use it.

Fructose doesn't stimulate the increase in insulin like most sugar does, and it also doesn't increase LEPTIN. Both of them would signal our body to stop eating. At the same time, fructose increases GHRELIN levels, and that is the compound that signals HUNGER!!! Yikes! (J Clin Endocrinol Metab 04;89(6):2963-2972) (Am J Clin Nutr 02;76(5):911-922)

HFCS was first manufactured back when Nixon was in office and the cost of sugar was sky-high. Between 1970 and 1990, Americans have increased the intake of it 1000 percent. The Department of Agriculture has compiled data linking HFCS to astronomical increasing rates of diabetes and obesity as well. It's added to hundreds of the best-selling foods and you really have to read labels to avoid it.

Yes, it's made from cornstarch, but it has extensive chemical changes and genetic modification making it unnatural and unsafe. It behaves like an anti-diet substance in our unaware bodies. Avoid it altogether. Don't eat or drink something that tricks your body into making you want more and more of it. Food manufacturers have a vested interest in keeping us craving foods containing HFCS. They stay rich and we stay fat.