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Good day there guys!

So, I made one healthy decision. At least, I hope that this decision is healthy. I want to reduce all those unhealthy food and I want to change my menu completely. I consulted some doctors and some nutritious and they told me that I should start to follow high fat low carb diet.

They told me that I can’t make a mistake with this diet program because it is very healthy and it is good for heart health.

So, can you tell me more about this?

Do you have any experience with this diet program and some tips that you can share with me?


Hi Aurora. Amazing topic! Go for it. I am always FOR nice and healthy lifestyle, so I support you. Maybe you will help someone who wants to live healthy but he doesn’t know how :)

I know that most of the studies are being conducted on people with health problems.

I found one research a few days ago. Well, women who are eating high fat low carbo diets, especially diets which are high in vegetable source of fat or in protein had a more than 30 percent lower risk of heart diseases. So I think that it is worth of trying this diet program.



Hi folks. I am living healthy lifestyle since I had problems with my heart three years ago. I had first heart attack back then and I decided that I don’t want this to happen with my heart again. I was reading a lot of books, I was consulting the experts in this area and I was talking with nutritionists about this issue. And they all recommended me this diet program. According to them, everyone who are having some heart issues should follow this diet program because it is going to help their hearts. I did this and I am very satisfied. Now, I would not change my diet program for anything.



Hey everyone.

I am reading your comments and I don’t know what to believe in. I was talking about healthy lifestyle and healthy diet program for heart and I remember that my friend told me that I should avoid high fat diet programs. She told me that she was watching some TV show where people were complaining about this diet program.

I think that she was talking about low carb diet as well and she told me that this is pretty much OK diet program but that she believes that we all should find better way of diet program.

Now I am reading your comments and I don’t know what to think because I was sure that this diet program is not that healthy.



Hello there.

I know all positive things about this diet program. I can bet that it is true, because everyone around me who are following this diet program told me that this diet program is amazing and that really can help to have healthy heart.

I know one recipe that I am making for my dinner and sometimes for my breakfast (usually at weekend).

Eggs with shrimp salad is amazing choice.

You will need eggs, salt, pepper, avocados (two is the best), 6 oz of peeled shrimps and lemon joice.

Bake eggs, put shrimps in the plate and add some lemon juice.