Scientists have discovered during their 25-year study that people who have low response to alcohol meaning they can’t get drunk easily are prone to developing alcohol addiction. The people with alcohol tolerance drink much more than the other people and drinking a lot usually leads to alcoholism without even noticing.

Most youngsters start drinking for the effects alcohol has and not its taste and when they are not getting the desirable effects, they go chasing after them. This represents a beginning of full-blown alcoholism in adulthood.

So, when people say that alcoholism is hereditary you should know that only the risk of alcoholism is hereditary meaning that it is in the genes. In the genes is a high tolerance to alcohol and therefore a high risk of developing alcoholism.

Knowing this, scientists are hoping to find which genes, and they suspect that there are many, are effecting the level of response. They are hoping that in this way they will be able to prevent addiction by education youngsters about their risk and protect them in that way.