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Recent study found that an anticonvulsant drug called Topiramate which is generally used for treating epilepsy seizures and heavy migraines can be helpful for people with alcohol dependence. Drug reduces desire for alcohol by addressing neurotransmitter imbalances located in the brain and those are the neurotransmitters that have been induced by long use of alcohol.

Research lasted for 14 weeks and included about 370 alcoholics. The results showed that heavy drinkers reduced the amount of alcohol drinks and increased the number of days when they were completely sober. Study also found that they reduced drinking heavily from 80% of the time down to 20% which basically means that they were sober 16 days during the test instead of 3 days when they didn’t took topiramate.

This is a very good news for people who want to be treated from alcohol addiction because this drug can be prescribed to them by their family doctor and they could be treated in their own environment instead of going to rehabilitation centers which are often far from their homes and jobs.

Side effects of this drug are also found. Needles sensation, heavy migraines, fatigue and difficulty concentrating are some of them but researchers agree that this side effects are minor when compared to other medications used for alcoholism dependence such as Naltrexone or Acamprosate.


How to be treated from alcohol addiction? Are you really sure that alcohol addiction can be treated? Because we have a neighbor that I never seen him not drunk. Almost everyday i see him with an alcohol on his hands. How to treat a person like that?

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