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I hope this is the right place to post this and if it isnt, please do shift this post :-).
I am aware that excessive intake of alcohol leads to many health problems such as alcohol dementia, alcohol poisoning, cancer, more prone to violence, and the list goes on.

My questions are, do youths face this problem if they start heavy drinking at a young age and what are the more serious problems they will face if they start drinking at a young age.

hahas sorry if this is a considerate a brainless question but i realized that information as such relating to youths are very limited so i hope that i am able to get help from this forum.


Alcoholism is a diseased condition due to over consumption of alcohol.

From what i know, i know alcoholism can affect one's brain size, sleep cycle and release of hormones, which can affect a teenager's growth.

As the above post mentioned about alcoholism leading to cancer. May i know what type of cancer it will lead to?