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Hello there,

Can you answer me on one simple question: How much do you spend on liporexin on a daily basis?

I hope that I can find someone in here who can answer me on this question :). Is it expensive or not?

I found some price on the internet, and I think that this one is a little bit to much to pay, I don’t know. Maybe I don’t know prices on the market so well.

Is there any way to buy this product on the internet?

If I can do that, is it cheaper to buy it online or in the drugstore?

Thank you!


Hello Asha,

I am not sure that I understand your question that well, but I think that I might know what you want to know :)

OK, liporexin is a cheaper weight loss product, so that means that you will not spend a lot of money on liporexin on a daily basis. You can find liporexin on the internet and it costs 12 dollars per 30 day supply.

So, I think that this you want to know, am I right? :)

And, because it is cheaper, it doesn’t mean that this one is not effective.

Of course, you need to try it.

Good luck!



Hi there,

Yes, I believe that she asked that question. The truth is that you need to pay more to use lipovarin, but it is not the same about liporexin. Liporexin is product that is a lot cheaper than first one. So, you won’t spend a lot on liporexin on a daily basis. You can buy it online, I think that one supply is about 9 dolars, and if you buy three supplies you will get one gratis. Also, I think that this 9 dolars supply. So , you can count by yourself, right?

You know  what is the best for your budget.

Good luck!