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In the bunch of diet pills that are available at the market, I am really not sure which one to choose. Now, a few days ago I was reading so much about Tonalin CLA and it seemed to me like smart choice, just for the records :)

Now, I haven’t been that smart while I was researching about those pills :) and I really don’t know are those pills so good as they are saying? Now, I read a lot of great experiences on the internet about weight loss with those pills, but I don’t know should I believe it, because according to commercials, every single pill on the market is the best pill ever :)

Do you know how fast can you lose weight on Tonalin CLA? Regards! 


Hey there,

I believe that you cannot made a mistake if you try Tonalin CLA. This brand is market leader in CLA sales. So, CLA Tonalin may be very, very effective in short term, for reducing body fat. I will give you one advice, my sister was following this, and she really lost her body fat and some pounds. Buy 1000 mg product and start to use it with some healthy diet program and exercise, of course. I can understand that a lot of us don’t have a lot of time because of busy life, but Tonalin CLA can be your partner in this fight.

Try it and tell us how it works! Good luck! 




Tonalin CLA is excellent choice, but it is a quite pricey :) I don’t know can you afford this, but if you can, my advice is - try it. I got one package as a gift from my best friend, because I saw some commercial on the media, and I was like “OMG, I have to have this one” :) That is why she bought me Tonalin CLA in the first place.

To cut long story short, if you combine it with a solid exercise daily routine, CLA can help you gain muscle definition, if that is what you want. If you don’t, then you should exercise every second day. Trust me, you will see the progress. I’ve lost 13 kilograms in 2 and a half months :)  

Good luck!