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Why can’t we stop eating takeaways? It’s my biggest frustration right now. Exercising regularly, eating healthy breakfast and lunch and then plummeting into the takeaway abyss in the evening. It’s ridiculous. But, then I had a brainwave today and as simple as it sounds, I realized why I’m eating the takeaways:


Why I’m eating takeaways

1. I’m getting too hungry before dinner and therefore getting desperate for food as quickly as possible.

2. I’m so tired all day every day so by dinner time I just can’t motivate myself to cook anything.

3. The kitchen is FREEZING cold so I just do NOT want to go in there whatsoever. Being in there is unbearable.

When you know WHY you’re doing something terribly, you’re then in a position to tackle it much more sensibly. So, I had made a good start on this by buying some healthy snacks that I talked about last time, but clearly need to tackle the tiredness issue and also somehow warm up the kitchen a bit! The cold kitchen is actually a much bigger problem than I realised the more I think about it. Even at lunch I’m put off from going in there.

Encourage the behaviour you want

1. Have some healthy snacks at around 3.30-4.00pm so you’re not starving before dinner and craving c**p.

2. Get a fan heater, foil behind the radiator and a cheap rug in the kitchen.

3. Get back into a sensible bedtime routine and set an alarm in the morning.

Trying to get enough sleep and have enough energy is definitely the trickiest thing to fix so going to focus on the bedtimes and getting up times for the next week and see how that goes together with the other things I’ll do to sort it out. The point I’m trying to make with this post is that trying to change your behaviour through motivation and willpower is nonsense if there are underlying problems. Try to think of your worst habit and if there are any practical changes you can make to your routine or environment that might encourage you to behave in the way you want.

The other side of this coin is finding ways to discourage yourself from the behaviour you don’t like, so whilst I’m encouraging an environment where it’s easy to go in the kitchen and make dinner, I can do some things to make getting takeaway more difficult or unappealing. Try the following tricks on yourself!

Discourage the behaviour you don’t want

1. Read horror stories about takeaways and find out the facts. Whilst it may not all be true, we do know they’re not good for us, ridiculously high in calories and the more we can drive home the idea that they’re gross, we might put ourselves off. Win! Here are two ridiculous articles to get you started from the Daily Mail (font of truth/no) and from the Metro.

2. Keep a tally of how much money you spend on takeaway in a week or a month. This will surely make you HORRIFIED! Like smoking cigarettes, it’s an expensive vice. Work out the average annual amount you spend on takeaway. I think we’re probably (ashamed) averaging £60 per week. £3,120.00 a year. Oh CHRIIIIIST. That’s like loads of holidays.

3. Every time you go to have a takeaway, put that average cost (around £15-£20) into a separate savings account and use that money for something specific that you want instead. That would be SO MANY CLOTHES!!! Ohhh helllllll…. It’s SUCH a massive waste of money. This tactic is really working on me! Haha.

4. Work out how many calories are in your usual takeaway favourites and keep a list of them somewhere visible. This should surely be off-putting. I imagine most takeaways sessions would be around 2000 calories. Craaap. Notice how I’m not saying try not to eat the takeaways as much, but making it as unappealing as possible by getting the facts about how sh*t it is.

5. Write a list of things to describe how takeaways make you feel physically and mentally. For example, takeaway makes me feel stuffed, disappointed, lethargic, I don’t sleep well, constipated, gassy, miserable, fat, smelly. As a laugh you could write the positives and see how they even out. For example, excited, satisfied, tasty. Hmmmf… rubbish.

HA! God takeaways are rubbish. Put your vice through this process and see how it fares! Let me know how you get on and what you think. Remember, don’t give yourself rules about not having things through willpower. Willpower does NOT work.


Hello MusHou,

Gee, you have a lot of excuses for not eating right or taking the time to eat right.  It is extremely rare that I have gone to fast food places even as a youngster/teenager.  I was taught to eat properly by my great grandparents.  They had a small farm and grew everything organic including the animals.  The first time I was introduced to fast food, I really didn't enjoy it.  Some of these hambergers smell like something you would through away as trash.  And, hot greasy French fries and I hear my friends rave about this stuff.  Not does this stuff no smell, it doesn't taste good and it has bad nutrition and it's expensive.  There are quick and easy meals you can make at home there are delicious and nutritious and inexpensive.  Try to get yourself organized and set up a menu and get cooking.