I’ve been feeling this way for about a year now. But a few weeks ago I had a random panic attack. Never had anxiety, never feel anxious or anything but I was just out one day and thought I was having a “heart attack”. I am only 16 years old and obviously this is a worry. A couple days later, I was having persistent heart palpitations and begged my parents to take me to hospital, went to the doctors the next day instead as an emergency case, had ECG done and nothing was wrong with me. Searched up all about anxiety although, I don’t actually have anxiety and it’s xalrld depersonalisation where it feels like you’re watching through your eyes but you’re not actually in control of your body. You feel like you’re losing your mind and feel really detached from reality, pretty sure it’s normal! Anyway, WORSE thing I did was read every little thing on the internet and I led myself to worry. I advise you not to do this, made me quite ill because I was constantly worrying I had something wrong with me, I used to sweat at the thought I was going to die or something. It’s crazy how you can’t control your body. Always thought I’d never be one of those people to have this problem and I pray that my life goes back to the way it used to be. I had an eye test and turns out my eyes had improved in vision because I thought it was something to do with “dancing eyes”. I thought I had vertigo from an ear infection and the doctor said my ears are fine but it may be something called Labrynthitis. I think I over read it too much and that made things a lot worse because I was worrying that nothing was actually wrong. I still feel like I’m dreamy, I try to have a routine but it’s hard when I’m still in school. I try to occupy myself which does help but still doesn’t make the feeling go away. Sometimes it makes me forget simple this such as birthdays and things I had done that day and sometimes I’m even overthinking on how to talk and I try to focus my vision to make it “normal” in a way. It makes it a lot worse, I think the worse thing is overthinking and that’s what a lot of people do. I don’t think there’s any cure, if there is id be intrigued, I’d love to know. Depersonalisation is definitely worth looking into, it’s what I had diagnosed myself with but of course, I’m probably just overthinking it. It’s crazy how the mind and body work.