I have this super weird thing going on. Whenever I listen to music (EDM, Martin Garrix, Alan Walker) I try to imagine this type of “light show scenario” where I have this whole board of stage lighting controls in front me and I’m creating a light show based on the song. It’s an idea I’d like to develop into real life too. I mention this is because if I try to think about it, I can’t imagine anything in my mind. But if I “let go” and stop thinking, I can create anything I want in my mind. I guess you can compare it to when you’re reading a book and you can see a scene play out in your head. Except there’s no prompt to help me create these “light shows”. This description (sorry it’s so long) leads me to my main point: When I do this envisioning, I feel I slight electric buzzing in the area above my temples, and almost like a fullness in my forehead. It’s when this happens I can envision the light shows the best. Also I get really hungry after (I’m actually eating a muffin right now cuz it happened earlier) I’m 14. Is this coincidence, something medical, or something other-worldly going on? Also any guidance where I can get an answer (if I don’t get one?)