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Hello everyone.

I’ve notice that my dog is really into biscuits a few days ago, when we were at the pet shop. Some boy there, in this shop, gave my dog some biscuit, and I saw how happy she was :)

But, I didn’t buy them, even if there was a discount :)))))

The main reason was : I don’t believe in those treats that I can buy in the pet shops.


But, I think that my dog deserve to eat them.

And, the best way is – to make them.

But, my bugged is pretty poor lately, and I want to know how expensive is making of doggy biscuits? 


Hey Miriam,

Basically, making doggy biscuits is never expensive, because you never actually have to go and buy anything special to make them; you always have all of the necessary ingredients at your home. Dog’s love peanut butter, it’s probably the most expensive thing you can make biscuits of, and again, it’s not so expensive. But peanut butter is not so healthy for your dog, so it’s better to just give your dog small doses. You can use bananas, bacon, although not so healthy, tomatoes, even cheese, dogs love cheese.  So it doesn’t really require any money, it only requires you time.



Hi to both,

I’ve been making doggy biscuits for my dogs for a long time now and there is a list of reasons why I do it.

First of all, it lets me play a bit in the kitchen and my dogs are my critics. It’s easy to figure out that they don’t like them.

But seriously, there are thousands of ways you can make your biscuits, just use your imagination.

And to mention, they are never expensive.

The ones you buy cost more and they are less tasty. That’s the second reason I make them, my dogs like them more. 

The price is the third reason.



Hello there.


Don’t worry. Even if you are not in that good financial situation, this can't be that expensive.

Like other people in here told you, you really don’t need some extra new groceries to make cookies or biscuits.

Sometimes, you can use “trash” food – I mean, food that you still have and you didn’t plan to use it for anything.


Well, you can use it for making dog biscuits.


According to this, it is not expensive at all, and it is really easy to make.

Your dog will be thankful and you will be happy as well. 


Try it!



Hey there.

I think that you should not be worried about this situation :) So, clearly I am sharing experience with all other members in here :)

Making your own dog biscuits and treats is typically cost – effective. Especially if you already have so many ingredients on your hand, ingredients that are leftovers from making some lunch for your dog :)

Also, some of those ingredients you can find in your garden :)

So, you really don’t need to worry about your budget :)

It is very good to make those treats at your home, they are much healthier :)




Hey everyone. How expensive is to make doggy biscuits? You have to be kidding me? It costs literally nothing. Just stand in the kitchen and look around you, you already have everything that you need. Unless you are going to make some crazy big amounts of biscuits. Just don’t put anything too sweet in those biscuits. I know that people do it nowadays, but you know that it makes your dog’s eyesight bad. And I’m always suggesting people to make their own biscuits rather than to buy them, and it’s not because of the price, but because they are better and healthier than the ones in shops!



Hey there :)


Um.. I don’t know how to answer on you question, but – your question is funny :)

No way that this is expensive! Where did you get that idea?

For example, I am taking care of my sister's Boo at this moment. He is so adorable, but I can’t keep him :( And, he is too expensive for me to buy him.

But, even if I take care of that little dog for a few days, I am making treats for them and it COSTS NOTHING at all!

I don’t know who told you this, but that is a lie.

Making biscuits is something the cheapest :)  



If you ask my sister, they are not expensive at all. :) I’m kidding because she loves dogs so much. She has 3 dogs right now but I bet she will get one or two more very soon.
She is making biscuits all the time for her dogs so I know a lot about it (we live in the same house). All of her dogs adore biscuits so she needs to make them at least 3 times a week. I have noticed that she doesn’t use the same recipe and ingredients all the time. She mentioned that dogs’ favorite recipe requires some ingredients that are very expensive but doggy biscuits aren’t expensive in general.