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Hi. I'm a 15 year old male, in the 9th grade. My entire life I hadn't really, I guess "Noticed" girls, like in a teenage boy kind of way, but now I am, and I notice them everywhere I go. School, vacation, whatever. And along the same situation, I am now feeling I'm ready to take on the challenge in life that is a relationship.

But here lies the problem. I feel like I have absolutely no chance with a girl, mainly because I have, I guess teenage acne, and I break-out from time to time, and it's pretty bad. I'm doing all I can to get rid of it, antibiotic medication, face creams, 3 step programs, nothing helps. The second reason, I'm not necessarily a muscular guy, but nor am I fat, average, you might say. I guess I just don't feel like I can ask anyone on a date, or to go out, mainly because I feel all girls just want a hunking man with washboard abs, and a clean face with no acne. I have a nice face, and a great personality, though.

Is that true? Should I be worried about the acne affecting how girls react to me asking them? Do all girls want a guy with a 6 pack or will be an ineffective factor?

And finally, how do I ask a girl out, and how do I make dates enjoyable. I really have no experience on the subject nor any idea on how to be a great boyfriend.

Help, please. It will all be greatly appreciated.


Hi Honey! 1st of all welcome to being a pubescent teen! Do you see ALL those girls wearing makeup? The reason why most of them are, IS because they have this thing called ZITS!! And they have makeup to cover it, where as you poor guys don't! ALL teenagers have some form of ZITS Some poor boys and girls get pustules - no whiteheads, and they become infected! It is AWFUL! and then there are teenagers like yourself with mild to moderate acne! keeping clean and using a good yet mild soapless cleanser is best! You might even need to shower twice a day - to keep clean! Use a back brush - because boys are more prone to back acne too!

As far as 6 pack abs - I would LOVE to see a teenager with abs - it is VERY hard to come by - because you need to have muscle mass and this doesn't usually happen till the end part of being a teenager! Saying that you only need 6 pack abs to get a girl, is like saying a girl has to be 36/24/26 to get a guy! It doesn't work that way, you are attracted to what you are attracted too! Some guys/girl like blondes, burnettes, small build, big build etc. EVERYONE of us is different! Perfection is a myth! And unatainable myth! You are just a "regular" teenage boy, whom happens to hav acne! And is nice looking and has a nice personality - and let me tell you honey that last one will get you VERY far in life! IF you treat a girl nicely and be a good friend - first and foremost - and not a dog, telling all secrets to your buddies, you will be the one ALL girls gravitate too! My 14 almost 15 year old feels the exact same way as you! And has fallen in love more times than I can count! He has an older brother - 17 - who is 6 ft 2inches and blue eyes, blonde hair girls in every corner etc, and my youngest tries to copy him! The difference is 3 years of experience - my eldest has ALWAYS treated girls with respect and kindness, and has known that you just don't MESS with girls - in an emotional way! So my youngest is following that advice and starting to reap the rewards! You HAVE to show that you will never hurt them or use them or talk about them! EVEN to your best friends - because I guarantee you no matter how good a friend your buddy is to you he WILL turn on your to get ahead with the girl - even though he is pretending he doesn't feel that way - it is PURE testosterone!

So be confident in yourself and your values, treat a girl with kindness and RESPECT!! And just be yourself, there IS someone out there honey! She could be sitting right next to you just WAITING for you to ask! So take care of your skin - no pop or greasy stuff - and just be normal! Good luck and health honey!


Hey i have this issue that bothers me soo much! I like this girl that goes to my school but she doesnt like me. Im a light bown hair dude with brown eyes. Im pretty short (4`9) and i am thirteen years old. 7th grade. One major problem i have is i have facial hair most probably because of my backround (persian Israeli). I tried and i TRIED but she wont go for me. Makes me mad because all the cute girls go for a blonde hair blue eyes! I understand but they dont aleast try to go with it and let me show them the person i am?! please help ASAP!!!