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Ok, so I've heard plenty of ways to get rid of your period, such as drinking more water (to thin out the blood and also help with cramps), taking ibuprofen (helps with cramps), and birth control (stops your period all together.) But what if you don't have access to birth control and you want your period to stop? Have you heard any tips that can help? I've heard intense exercising works, and I have tested that to be true, but how else can you get rid of your period.. even if it is just for a few days?

Loading... my own opinion and experience....if ur still young u dnt want to do dum things to stop ur period, you might have complication conciving in the future. Everyone has access to birth control jux go to ur nearest Planned Parenthood, if you cant afford it than they will have you fill out this paper for a Green Card to pay it for you if ur dnt have any sort of income or have low income. I know that Period is alot of work. I had 2 child and i was on Implanon for 14months. It went very well and i had a great experience with it. I had no cramps and no period that whole time i was on Implanon. BUT like i said ... stopping ur period can later on effect you when you wanna have a baby. After 14 only took me 2 weeks or eariler to concive my 3rd baby and i went bak on Implanon for another 14 months and now im TTC and its been 3 weeks struggling alilo trying to concive. BUT if its meant to be ill will concive i HOPE....


Hope u make the right choice and Good luck on ur Solution :-D