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my last period was in early january while i was still on the birth control, the implanon.
i had my birth control removed feburary 8th and i haven't had a period yet?
i haven't taken a pregnancy test yet.
i've had unproexted sex with my boyfriend before and after the removal.

i'm wondering the possiblities on becoming pregnant because i read somewhere if you dont have your period,
you don't ovulate, and if you're not ovulating, you can't get pregnant?
so basically without a period you can't get pregnant? is that true?

what's the possibilites of me being pregnant?
and when and how many pregnancy tests should i take?


Hi, my name is jo i had the implanon removed last week and still no period and have been getting cramps and felt sick saturday amd had unprotected sex amd did a pregnancy test and was negative the last time i had it removed it only took 2 days before i had a period and this time no period yet a little worried


Hi any luck getting your af back yet? I've been waiting 2 months now for it to arrive after implant removal, going to ers tomorrow x