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Hate your unsightly cellulite? While some argue that it is there to stay, many dermatologists have found ways to minimize and get rid of cellulite on the legs, butt and thighs.
Many women have cellulite; it is argued that up to ninety percent of women in America have it. This is a huge number, so if you're hating and fighting it, be assured that you are not alone in your fight against this cottage cheese look-alike! For a while, many believed that once you got cellulite there was no way to get rid of it. This is being challenged by dermatologist Howard Murad, MD, author of the book “The cellulite Solution: A Doctor's Program for Losing Lumps, Bumps, Dimples, and Stretch Marks.”

Once the detox is on the way, the wheels are in motion to get rid of cellulite.

Brush scrub

An effective, inexpensive method you can use is a tempico skin brush. Brushing the skin every day, preferably before bathing helps to increase blood flow and lymph flow. Skin brushes are made out of a  natural plant fiber called agave. This will also help to remove old and dead skin cells and encourage the growth of new cells.

Spoil Yourself at the Spa

Find a spa which specializes in cellulite reduction by non-invasive treatment. These can include special massages and clay body sculpting. These massages are designed to reduce the pressure and drain cellulite. Do your research and talk to a doctor before going to a spa to ensure it is safe for you to try out.

Cut out all Junk

Cutting out junk food is a no-brainer. Not only does junk food encourage fat accumulation and storage, aggravating cellulite, it is also full of toxins. Junk food includes: chips, crackers, burgers, all processed meats, enriched white flour products such as breads, pastas, pastries, deserts and more. Say good bye to fast food! Nothing that these places offer up can be of any help when it comes to ridding cellulite. Breaded and deep fried foods are out of the question, along with all sodas, diet or not.

Many people resort to diet versions of soda to try to adapt a healthier habit, but the chemicals present in these drinks are actually worse in the long run. Many of the chemicals may sit in the body for years, and the effects are yet to be shown. The detox and cleanse portion should help with this.

As mentioned above, if you resort back to old habits of fast food, and sugary drinks, the cellulite will most likely return.

Some things to avoid:

  • Avoid plastic skin wraps. These are not effective in the long run and simply dehydrate the skin.
  • Avoid cellulite creams. These usually contain caffeine or some dehydrator as well, and are not effective in the long run.
You can beat cellulite if you decide to make a serious commitment to your body and health. Enjoy regular light to moderate exercise to help with blood flow. You can try out low impact exercise like Pilates or Yoga, which strengthens and stretches the muscles while improving blood and lymphatic flow naturally.