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The penis, just like any other part of the body goes limp if not used or exercised frequently. Most of the other body parts are used regularly and like for example use of your hands to drive, your legs to walk and so on, and the penis is not used enough, especially by those who have a passive sex life. The best way to inexpensively change your penis size is through exercise. Within the penis shaft there are two muscles, the Ischio Cavernous and the Bulbo Cavernous, that decide the thickness. If you exercise this strength to make them larger you can increase the width of the penis. Most of the time, these claims do nothing more than waste your precious money, but still hold out the hope of enlarging your penis. However, there are exercises that cost you nothing more than time to perform, and may bring results to adding inches to your penis. Additionally, please remember when jelqing to increase penis size, you should not expect immediate miraculous results. Yes many men have managed to enlarge their penis naturally and add anywhere from 1-4 inches. However, this is through sheer dedication, proper technique, adequate rest and consistent action taken over a period of months and years. Several methods recommended increasing penis size and surprise, surprise, none of them work. Here are 5 examples. 1. Stretching, and squeezing - sometimes known as jelquing. These are exercises that are supposed to be performed each day for an indefinite period of time. Although they appear safer than other methods, they can lead to severe scar formation, and disfigurement. The only result gained is a soft penis that has a somewhat larger appearance. This method has no affect on the erect penis. 2. Vacuum pumps and other devices. Because pumps force blood into the penis, making it swell, they can sometimes be useful in the treatment of impotence. This may create an illusion of a larger penis, and the results are seldom permanent. Rather, repeated damages the elastic tissue in the penis, finally producing softer erections, or no erections at all. 3. Stretching with penile weights. This technique is dangerous, and very likely to cause permanent damage to your penis. 4. Pills, lotions, and hormone creams. These can contain vitamins, minerals, herbs. They sometimes have chemicals similar to Viagra and Cialis. 5. Kegel exercises target the muscles that are responsible for holding off ejaculation. Strengthening these muscles will help you better control your erections. Start by sitting on a small ball, such as a tennis ball, that is in between your testicles and anus. ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed


I agree with drmitaljohn but there also some unknown but working ways to increase penis size.
I have created a comprehensive guide for how to increase penis size naturally.

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