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Building muscles might seem tough, but it’s not as difficult as it looks. However, most people do not have the persistence that is often required for the results to show themselves.
Most of the workouts often need the person following the regime to have a lot of persistence.  But, if these exercises are practiced in the right way and regularly, it does not require any extra attempt from your end. Given below are some tips on how to bulk up on muscle the right way.

1) In order to promote mass build up, especially if you have a skinny body type, you should consume the right quantity and quality of calories. Protein is the most important ingredient in a body builder’s diet. Thus, you need to ensure that the food that you consume is rich in proteins. For men, who want to bulk up on their muscle mass, they need to consume is 3500 calories per day. It has to be 3000 calories per day for women. Most people often ignore consumption of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are responsible for repairing the muscles in your body after your workout and need to be a part of your post and pre workout meals.

The Combination of Complex Exercises and Plenty Proteins

2) Combining weight loss exercises with muscle bulking workout routines is not the right thing to do as both these routines have opposing effects. While on a weight loss plan, the food that you consume often has lesser calories and this is not the right food to have while exercising. Such a diet often causes your body to go into crisis situation. The diet often leads our body into starvation and it starts using up the energy reserves in the body to keep our body’s vital organs functioning properly. Thus, weight loss and mass building workouts should never be done at the same time.

3) Complex exercises are something that helps speed up the building up of mass in our body, thus you should never hesitate in performing these complex exercises. The fibers in the muscles of our body grow every time you perform complex exercises. Such complex exercises help the skin layers that are closely placed and also helps it stretch and provides room for the muscle fibers to develop and grow.  This is when the rippling muscles take shape and are noticed and they are usually called triceps and biceps.

4) Non-vegetarian food is definitely something that you need to include in your meals if you are comfortable with non-vegetarian diet. Make sure you include salmon or tuna or any other fish food in your diet. As these fishes are rich in omega-3-fatty-acids that are non fattening acids, eating them helps increase the sensitivity percentage of the muscle mass towards insulin. This enables the amino acids to penetrate into the muscles and help in muscle build up. Amino acids are the basic molecules present in proteins. This is one of the reasons why fish based diet when consumed with protein rich foods are absorbed more effectively. Sodium is also something that helps in assimilation of proteins.

Avoid the Monotony of Routine Workout and Use Free Weights

5)    A routine workout usually gets boring. Try to avoid the monotony that sets in when the same muscle build up exercises are repeated time and again. The best thing to do is to select one of your favorite strength exercises and then, introduce some modification in the routine to make it different every time. What is most important is to have an open mind and try out new workouts, so as to keep the whole routine interesting and fun.

6)    Before you start off with your workout regimes, ensure that you have identified the 12 to 15 sets of workouts that you want to carry out. To begin with, you will need to start off by working out with 1 to 2 groups of muscles. Once you are comfortable, increase the amount of repetitions. It is a good idea to keep the exercises to a minimum at the beginning and slowly increase the pace and their repetitions with time.

7)    Gym machines are not as effective as free weights, so it is important that you introduce a lot of dumbbell exercises, whether you exercise at home or at a gym. As these free weight exercises provide great workouts to auxiliary muscles, they offer them much required workout.

Body Building Exercises Depend on the Body Type

8) Body building exercises really depend on the body type of an individual and vary from individual to individual. This means that for an individual with a skinny body type, the type of exercises has to differ from the type of exercises that needs to be practiced by a person with a normal body type. Another thing that affects body building is whether you are a novice and a first timer or a regular at this as the type of exercises. What a first timer needs to practice will be different from that of a person with regular practice.
9) A technique that helps bulk up muscle is the power lifting techniques which should be repeated only 2 to 4 times in each session. These techniques are always to be used as modifying breaks in between regular exercises and it is advisable to perform them every alternate week.

10) One exercise that is being practiced by several body builders is the barbell deadlifts. This exercise is known to be most effective in helping build up of muscles. The exercise revolves around working on the lower back muscles and hamstrings by lifting weights. Another workout that yields similar effects is the barbell bench press and this helps in developing the biceps, chest muscles and triceps using an inclined press.

These are some tips that are usually practiced by best bodybuilders all around the world and if followed properly will help in buildup of muscles in an effective and a speedy manner.