I have a medical abortion last monday ..13th of july .. i took 2 misoprostol viginally and 2 orally .. after an hour i took 2 misoprostol ..

After 2hrs i start bleeding .. then an hour later theres a blood clot that came out on me .. at 12 in the afternoon i take some sleep then woke up at 6 in the evening .. when i go to the bathroom there is a small clot that came out again .. it look like not just a blood because i notice there was a pinkish side on it .. then at 8 in the evening i go to work .. on my way i feel like i have something big that coming out on my vigina .. so i went straight to the comport room .. then there's a big clot that came out the size is like the size of a lime ..

It's my 4th day know and im still bleeding and have light cramp, i also feel that my breast are tender .. i was 5weeks and 3days pregnant when i took the abortion pills ..

My concern is do i have a successful abortion .?