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I had an abortion on Monday its now Sunday my bleeding has been like a normal period which for me is heavy but today I passed ahuge clot about the size of 2 golf balls but stringy is this cause for concern??? I did loose alot of blood at the time and was around 8 weeks pregnant!


Hi there. 

I had a medical abortion on Friday (Painful!! Thank god for Panadeine forte) And on Tuesday, 4 days after I took the abortion pills, I too passed a big clot. I had been getting a dull ache in my stomach for 2 days and pain in my lower back, but as soon as it came out my pain vanished. Im wondering if it was the sac or something? It didnt look like anything to me. 


Also, Ive read alot of posts on here saying how people regret having an abortion. I dont regret it, it was the right thing for me at this stage in my life. I know one day I will be in a much better place in my life to welcome a little one.