Hi I would like to know. I'm so confused now... But can someone help me... In january I found out I was pregnant and in february had the medical-pill abortion* drank 1 and 3 had to be put deep in my vagina. my boyfriend an I decided together to have this abortion. So 3hours after everything I started bleeding and got 2 clots the size of golf balls out and the next day I stoped bleeding. And 3weeks after all that I started bleeding again,but really a lot of bleeding and really bad cramps that I thought I was going to die because of the very much blood loss and the ubnormal pain. Now the pain was only one night but the loosing blood went on till 2days later it started getting less... Then 2days after it started again but it started stinking a lot,very gross-like smell,the blood just streaming out of me and clots of blood. And then there was a very big clot,which my boyfriends sister said I should take out of the toilet and look at it,and it was really weird I can't explain what it looked like,but it smelled like the blood that had the awful smell,but I couldn't see a fetus but it looked like it but I'm not sure at all... And 3days later I'm still bleeding but its very little like I can wear a pad the whole day(yet I still change each 2hours)it doesn't stink anymore but is browny discharge and slimy .now I don't know if its the abortion a miscarriage or just something wrong with me... PLEASE HELP!!!!