Hello, I got abortion pill from Womenonweb, I took  Mifepristone at Friday night, then took the other doses of Misoprostol orally 13 hours after (I was impatient)

I bled a LITTLE more than menstruation for 3 hours with cramps and passed some clots and it didnt hurt much (I was only pregnant for 3 weeks, I dont know if that is why I didnt bleed as expected). So later on I felt the symptoms of pregnancy diminish (after 1 day) and then decided to take a test yesterday (2 weeks after taking mifepristone) and the result came out negative (THIS FAST???) I hear it takes time to expell hCG (AGAIN, I THINK ITS CUZ I WAS ONLY 3 WEEKS). 

Whats even funnier, I started bleeding lightly today like im in a period. Now I am confused, is this a period or what? I am really confused. I dont have money to do an UltraSound so I really dont know if it's a false negative. I made 2 tests, one yesterday and one this morning. It really feels like Im in a period.Please help


Is this normal? All of this.Am I on my period 2 weeks after taking mifepristone? and a week after stopping bleeding. Please fill me in on anything