Hi. So when I found out I was pregnant I was scared and felt alone.  Immediately when I found out I knew I wanted to terminate. I went to the Dr and he said since I'm only 5weeks we can do a medical abortion so he gave me misoprostol pills and I took them. I started bleeding a lot and clots came out I thought the pregnancy was over.


A day later I went for a scan and the pregnancy sac was still there, so we decided to try it one more time with the same pills and there was nothing that happened. No bleeding, just a little bit of spotting which went away a day later And when I went for a checkup/sonar, I was still pregnant and the SAC is still intact.


Now, I'm worried and want to keep my baby but I am worried. Will anything happen to the baby? Any special pills/vitamins I can take to reverse the side effects of the abortion pills?