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i would really appreciate it if someone can give me a piece of their mind, or share a similar experience.

so the story goes...

i had a medical abortion on the evening of 13th november: inserted 3 cytotec and took 2 orally once i

started bleeding 2 hours later. the bleeding was similar to that of a heavy period and it continued on for 2 days.

i was also passing clots the size of a coin but that really didnt bother me. i had cramps but i went on just fine. i was even working 2 days after the abortion.

days passed on and i didnt need to put a pad. the spotting was fairly light but still put on liners just in case.

after a week the spotting increased, sometimes i even needed to switch to a regular pad.

the spotting i had would sometimes be thick and brownish to bright red and from light to moderate. 

no signs of infection, no foul-odored discharges, except for light fever.

by the middle of the 3rd week, i have started getting what seemed like a normal period but on the evening of 9th december i was having really bad cramps and i started to bleed heavily.

i tried to sleep that night but was awakened at around 3am only to see that the overnight pad i had on was soaked. 

i got up and the bleeding wouldnt stop. blood even started to drip down to my legs on my way to the toilet.

it was that bad.

i got to the toilet and started passing large clots. it continued on until the morning and finally went to see an ob-gyne.

i told her about the bleeding, but the time i was in the clinic, it slowed down to just spotting but with the occasional gush of blood.

i skipped narrating the abortion part since single women who get in pregnant in the UAE will be forced to go back to their country. i wouldnt want to lose my job that's why i did this in the first place. yes, you can judge and tell me i'm selfish, but every person will always have a reason for doing what they do.

she did and ultrasound and found the sac which was approx. 4.05cm with a very tiny thing inside it that she told me was supposed to be the baby.

the sac was 8wks 6d old but the baby inside it didnt grow. only apparently a few days old before it died.

she told me i needed to under go a D&C but said that it would be very costly (i would need to shelve out at least AED5,000 = $1,500).

i was dead worried about this because i knew that if this sac wont come out then i'm in danger.

last night was when it all got worst. i soaked 2 overnight pads within an hour and passed a really large clot the size of a golf ball. 

it was a dark grayish color with tiny veins. i couldnt really make out what that mass was since my vision got really blurry and almost passed out.

i sat on the toilet a couple of minutes, and 2 more clots passed, the size of a ping-pong ball.

now its morning, not bleeding too much anymore but still having gushes of blood and clots.

could it be that i have expelled the sac? i really dont know the right questions to ask... i'm just so worried and i really need help.


I got a shot of methatraxate on the 4th of December... And now as the ball is dropping for the new year, I pass 2 really big clots... One a little larger then a golf ball. I'm at work and ended up using one of the residents pull ups. I only bled for 2 days after the pills were taken, which I felt was unusual

The same experience, blood dropping down my leg at work... I even soaked the pull up which had a pad in it... Smh

In my opinion, I'm a little late, but this must be the miscarrying part... Way too much blood and what felt like contractions... My breast have been fuller this whole time too, so I wondered if I was still pregnant. Unfortunately, they may shrink now, but now I feel like the abortion is finally in completion mode... Hope this helps...


Dark grayish with veins definitely sounds like tissue not just blood


8 pills for the 9th and
10th of December too. (In addition to methatraxate)