Hey Yall! I'm 23, I was on the birth control Depo-provera starting Nov. 2006 and got off of it Dec. 2010. During that whole time i never once had a period, as soon as i got off of the shot i didn't have a period for an additional few months at least (i cant remember when i got my first period after all those years). So, its been 4 years since I've been on any kind of birth control. I lost alot of data on my periods over the past 4 years so i only have my past 5 month history, which my cycle has been on the nose 22 days apart, My period was scheduled due for Feb, 5th. Today is the 11th. I do remember some what of my past periods because at first they were extremely irregular. Umm Help? -DesperateToBeAMommy