I'm so happy to know that I'm not alone. I vent to my boyfriend all the time about this. I just want to feel normal. I literally get jealous when I hear other girls complaining about period cramps because I wish I didn't have to wonder all the time why my body isn't producing a period! So here's my story.... I went to the gyno at 16 because I still didn't get my first period. I had the other signs of puberty (breasts although they are small, pubic hair, arm pit hair etc) just no period. I had tests done to check for any odd syndromes/problems and I was brushed off as a late bloomer since everything came back normal. I was given a pill to take for a week to jumpstart my first period (it may have been Provera) and I had my first period by the end of the month. My gyno put me on a low dose birth control that very next month (by then I was 17). So I stayed on the pill out of ignorance and convenience from 17 to 23.  At 23 I decided that I wanted to get off the pill. I have been in a serious relationship and we talk about marriage so I want to get my body on track if we ever decide to have kids. I got off the pill in Feb 2016 and randomly bled on my own with no medication in May 2016. I was super excited about this! It was light and mainly spotting but I was happy. Then I had nothing, so I saw my gyno in Oct 2016 for my yearly. She seemed shocked that I didn't resume a cycle... which was aggravating since I never had a regular or natural cycle to begin with! Part of the reason I got off the pill is as I got older, the more my gyno assured me I would be fine getting off the pill, the more I researched and figured this isn't right.  Anyways I took Provera in Oct, Nov and Dec of 2016 and had a period. I did not take it in Jan so no period since then. :( My endocrinologist has done bloodwork and basically, I don't fit the PCOS category exactly since I am petite and don't have excess body hair. He thinks I may have NCCAH but not 100% sure. So basically I'm a guinea pig trying to figure out what's wrong. My bloodwork has come back normal... but my testosterone/androgen/DHEAS has fluctuated between blood tests as slightly elevated but nothing alarming or crazy. Starting in Feb, I have been taking Decadron to hopefully balance things out but no AF yet. :(  I have taken matters into my own hands since I can't see my doc again until June. I started taking Vitex on Wednesday 3/29/17, after reading up on it online. I'm hoping and praying that taking Vitex along with Decadron will help me balance out and get a cycle flowing.  Oh and also, I have had a pelvic and thyroid ultrasound which have come back normal.  I know this is long but hopefully someone will read this and can relate. I'd love to hear if anyone has had a success with Vitex and/or Decadron. My main concern is having a cycle and having a baby one day if we decide to. Also, I will NEVER go on birth control again. I really believe that taking bc pills did not help.