Hi. I am 20 years old. I had sex Nov 12th and the condom leaked so I decided to go to planned parenthood and got an Ella. I had sex again the 23rd and condom ripped so I had to go again to my local clinic and got a plan b on the 24th. They tested me for any STDS and pregnancy the same day. (Negative) the RN suggested I get on birth control. So I am on the depo shot. On the 25th I started vaginal cramping off and on til this day. My boobs hurt as well.I haven't received my period. I believe I was supposes to get it the end of November. Its been now 13 days since the incident. I returned to planned parenthood on the 11th day since the incident for a test. Negative. The same night I had sex. With a condom. I noticed a lot of vaginal discharge on my panties after sex. When Igot home i peed and wiped and saw a pink spot of blood. I told my partner and he said he saw some on the condom when he disposed. Idk what to think. I am stressing.