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Me and my girlfriend have been going out for four months and we've just had sex I'm in my teens and so I don't know what to expect as she is the furthest I've gone. I really like her maybe even love hera nd we have an intimate and romantic relationship. She satisfies my emotional needs well as I hope do i.
My main problem is in the bedroom. I can bring her to orgasm and spend a lot of time on her but she in all the four monts has never been able to bring me to orgasm completly by herself. I always have to masturbate until I'm nearly there and I let her finnish me off.

I'm not sure how she feels about it and we think I ma have delayed ejaculation.

I want her to feel like she can satisfy me and what she is doing doesn't feel bad. when we make ove I can bring her to orgasm without ever getting close, I just want to be able to have one wit her. I feel it unfair to ask her to stimulate me for however long it takes, so far we have tried for 10 mins and there was very little responce. On my own I can have very fulfilling orgasms, it's just I have to get there myself. I'd like some opiions on this.


although i wish not to say it but its u not her and there is nothing u can do about it :(


You "need two to tango" so to speak. If there are problems in the bed, you both need to work to solve them. Unless of course it IS some medical problem, which I doubt it is in this case.

First of all, start telling her what feels best. Tell her what to do (nicely of course)... sort of, direct her.

It's also good to put your hand on top of yours when she jerks you off.

As for sex, you may be concentrating too hard on trying to cum which will make you less likely to cum. You need to be in the moment. Hopefully things will work out eventually.


me n my x had this problem... like the ther person said direct her put ur hand on hers...

ok but dont b to aggressive with it!!!

by all means.... ok i at least hope your over 14!!!

cuz I know I had a big problem tryin to get my x to orgasm on my own...

so wut i end up havin to do was give him head till he was about to come then finish him off...

so suggest that to ur gurl!!!

so she dnt have the flavor of cum... cuz most gurls dont like it...

and if u got a tight chick then have her suck u off till u cum in her mouth...

that always use to wrk too

umm use lube too that maybe another factor tht its not wet enough

plus if she was a virgin b4 yall had sex then she might not know how to wrk it jus right

i mean im 15 and I lost my virginity a while back.. it was all cuz of bein raped tho...

so maybe tryin tlkin to her swetley

if u need more advice

hit me up on aim... if u got it :-) cutykeaton

and if u dnt then e-mail me at :-) _[removed]_

iight i hope i helped a lil bit

<3 Alexis


You two just need to grow in your knowledge of each other. Help her gently to know what brings you to orgasm but don't just give up on trying to orgasm inside her. Remember, by the same token, many women do not orgasm vaginally during intercourse. They need to be manipulated by their partner or themselves clitorally to truly orgasm. And don't forget, unlike us guys, women can sometimes orgasm multiple times so don't neglect her after she cums once. I find it an awesome turn-on to bring HER to orgasm. So, be gentle with her and learn what works for you both. I remember being a teenager, and I remember my first sexual partner when we really didn't know what we were doing. It always felt like something was missing. The best sex organ is your Brain, so let it learn whats right for you both.