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So this is probably something not many hear about being a complaint. Me and my girlfriend have a very weird problem so let me just come out and explain. Basically every time my girlfriend has an orgasm during sex, it makes me cum. While this might sound normal its worse than it sounds. If me and my girl have sex in a position that wont necessarily make her cum we can go for hours. But the second we get in the right spot she can orgasm in a matter of 20seconds. I'm fine right up until she is about to cum and then BAM, it hits me and I'm done. So our first thought was well maybe when she is orgasming her muscles are "going crazy" and causing me to get off, but then it got more difficult. While she was on top the other day, she was using me to rub her clitoris. After about a minute of this she was about to orgasm and of course without fail, right when she was about to cum, I instantly felt I was going to as well. We don't know what to make of it. It's not the fact that I've lasted as long as I can and that's it but it's only when she is about to cum. Hopefully someone has some insight.

I know I rambled through that but I tried my best. Thanks!


According to most men there is NOTHING more exciting then when their partner orgasms or cums! It is almost psycological - bascially ying to yourself "MAN AM I THE MAN OR WHAT!!!!!?" So because you are excited that you have done your "job"- so to speak, then your brain (the biggest sex organ) is TOTALLY turned on by what it sees and feels, and releases the cannons! Just like when there's a touch down, and out comes the confetti! Same EXACT thing! You have accomplished your goal, and as far as your brain goes, you are now DONE! Sex is about ALL your senses, so what you see, hear, feel etc, ALL comes to that point of her climax! There is NOTHING wrong with either of you! You just need to try different positions etc, IF you feel that it is! But I don't think there is anything wrong with what is happening, TOTALLY Explainable and natural! Good luck and health to both of you!


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Bambi's right ---- sort of. She's like a typical woman though, telling us what we think and how we feel. :-P
Ragging on us about the ego she assigns to us. :-S
Not all of us compare sex to football.
I hate football.
Now pay attention here ----- you too Bambi.

My little guy was so happy to get into his own little section of heaven he was unable to contain himself like you say, Bambi. And you're right about the "nothing more exciting" part too. I can (well, used to be able to) cum with little or no manipulation by a female. There's something about the female touch that does that.

You girls are much more difficult to satisfy, and I felt it was my job to do that for my wife. When I found I wasn't going to be able to do that vaginally I took up licking and kissing and caressing and rubbing as a way to give her the pleasure she deserved. I found that while I was bringing her to orgasm, I would cum without any touching of my parts in the process. You're right again (did I just say that?) about "totally turned on". When my wife climaxed, that was the trigger that would set ME off. I didn't feel that made me "THE MAN". I was pleased that I had done what every man is supposed to do for his love(r). I incorporated that in my normal lovemaking as a way for me to be able to last longer when I did send him in, and it worked.

So after both of us cumming before insertion we were able to enjoy that wonderful connection you feel when you "cum together" later, while I was inside her. I have no idea what it was like for her (she said it was great) but for me it was unlike anything I could experience by mere masturbation. It was a devine and indescribable feeling of oneness.

So I believe you can turn that "problem" into an advantage with a little creativity.


My husbadn and i have this same thing happen to us lol. When im about to cum there he goes to i think its funny and it makes me feel good that, me cumming makes him feel good at the same time. It's nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to worry baout hun. Its a natural part of life. And it happens so what my husband and i do is have a little foreplay before or we try some different positions. And we last longer and we get to enjoy it longer!!!!!!!