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I need a little advice on reaching orgasm.

My girlfriend is very sensitive when it comes to me using my tongue or simply my fingers and though we are both virgins and not exactly ready for full on intercourse, we still want to be intimate like that. 

It seems that she doesn't mind me sliding a finger inside her and says that there is the obvious discomfort as she did not masturbate until very very recently. She said she felt a sort of pain and when I asked her to explain it, she came out with this:

"Well my lower stomach kept feeling like it was tensing up, which was sort of uncomfortable and then a part of it felt . . . really sensitive . . . like I couldn't bare to be touched and every time you did it sort of sent a small pain up"

I'm hoping that there is nothing medical going wrong and I would really appreciate some advice. 


Hi, firstly tell me please how old are you two?..  Maybe you are not ready to have any sexual activity


Ok firstly you may need to note something. If her body has not properly finished that area of puberty yet then she will get barely any pleasure. So note that. Secondly I was in a similar situation, I was a virgin, and I am still dating my first. She has been with a couple other guys and I had my best friend lose a girlfriend because he wasn't good enough so I was really stressed about the whole thing.
So what I did was I research the c**p out of sex, learnt everything I could understand and then worked out the lies and truths.. I also Signed up to answer this.
anyway all girls are different so the tips I tell you you'll need to adapt. Listen to her, and watch her body, even a small movement with her hips can be an indication of pleasure , pain or if she is faking to make you feel happy. Not saying she does that though.
What I do usually is I get her going first. Unlike men women are more likely to be in tune with emotions so use that, get her in the mood, kiss her, talk dirty what ever gets her in the mood and dont just get her in the mood and go for it. Tease a little, I tease my gf and sometimes I have her cum in a minute. once she is ready for it dont just stick your fingers in and jab around, rub a little. The "lips" and the clitoris area (the part at the top, look up a video that literally shows you where to find it if you don't know where to look.) those areas are great to begin but go softly, you need to work her up. then maybe you might stick a finger or two in. if you stick two in and sort of push them upwards you with feel a spongy sort of area, its hard to explain. but mainly you need to stimulate all these areas. mix it up, dont stay in one place for too long and move around differently. rub, go in and out, twist, spin, etc. mix it up on different areas. work out what makes her get off and do it. finally if you want to get her to come the best and easiest way for me is to lick the clitoris, and mix your fingers between going in and out and pushing up. if she tightens up she can get more feeling so maybe ask her to. also if she has never cum before she may not quite understand it so reasure her a little. my gf used to hold back for ages because she wasn't sure if she needed to pee. once I found out and she explained it to me I told her she needed to cum and she needed to relax and let it go, next thing you know my blanket is soaked haha and I had her reached a full blown orgasm. It was a proud moment for me :D
anyway you need to change things up, every thing is different for each girl so you will have to learn and adapt on how she reacts. mainly you just need to ease into it all first.