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My boyfriend and I had sex a couple of days before my period was due about 3-4 days. The condom slipped into my vagina. I figured it was fine since my period was due in about 72 hours. A couple of days passed and i still didnt get my period. I took a digital urine test(ept certainty) and the 1st one came out pregnant. However, i did move it from the toilet tank, to the sink, to his desk before the result came up. I then took another one of those about an hour later and it was negative, I left it in one place. Then i went to health services on campus and I took another two and the nurse said they came up somewhat positive. I was in another room while she was doing the test and i heard her having a full on conversation about something other than my test. So maybe she could have messed up?

Moreover, I was referred to a woman's clinic where I took two more tests both were negative. I went home for the weekend and bought two more tests and i took them two different days(saturday then sunday) and they were negative.

I still dont have my period and now i am confused and frustrated, I have exams coming up and final papers due too and I cant concentrate. I am over a week late. I have taken 8 tests to date and still dont know.

I have been under a lot of stress, I found out I have HPV this month which tore me apart since i have had so very few partners. Moreover, some b***h my boyfriend hooked up with over a year ago before we even meant has been giving us hell. Probably because she is jealous. And my home life hasnt been great either. soo im hoping all of this stress is the reason for my missed period. This has only happened to me about twice before in my life where my period disappeared for a month soo perhaps this is one of those times. Im just glad I have a really great boyfriend he's been there from the HPV to now this.

Any advice?


I’ve been off my period now for nearly 2 weeks, and beginning of this week I started to notice a few times when I’ve been to the toilet pink spotting, I’ve now started with lower back pain and light cramping. Could I be pregnant?