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I am wondering if it is possible that I may be pregnant. On Jan 19th I had sex with my boyfriend, and we used a condom but it broke. In Feb I started to have some symptoms of being pregnant, nauseated, dizzy, tired all the time, my period was 2.5 weeks late and was a lot lighter then usual. (Period has been very regular since going off the pill over a year ago). Prior to getting my period I took a home pregnancy test and it came up negative and when my period finally came I thought that I was just fine and they symptoms must have been a sign of my period coming. However, I am still having the symptoms I was having in Feb but now I also have swollen sore and very tender breasts as well as raised bumps on my areolas and my nipples are super sensitive. I have taken two more home pergnancy tests that have also come up negative. So I guess I am wondering if I could in fact be pregnant any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


I had sex on 21-23 July 2017, we used condoms.My periods were due in first week of August. I did not get my periods in August as well as in September. The home pregnancy test (based on those urine test kit for Hcg) showed negative results in third week of August as well as in second week of September.I followed the instructions on the kidt correctly and used my first urine in the morning. I have a case of hypo thyroid , for which I am taking medications. My libido seems low, I am tired and here are a lot of pimples on my face. Also, I get a lotof white vaginal discharge especially on the days when I should have got my periods. I also get cramps in my lower abdomen.
Could I be pregnant?