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Can someone help me be sure on whose my babies father is? First off in April I was ovulating 8-14 my period was April through 27-29th. Im not exactly sure when I had unprotected sex with this guy but i do know it was a couple days before I had started my period in April. May 2nd I had sex with my bf of course it was unprotected and he did cum in me. I took a pregnancy test on Mother's day which came up negative.. Also another a week or so again and came up negative. I took my third test and which came up positive on may 27th. I went to a doctor to confirm it and she said I was exactly 4 wks. My bf has a little doubt that its wrong because he wasn't out a full 4wk. The doctor explained to me that its because it adds from the last period I had and if it was the other guy that it would have came up positive because my body would have had enough hcg levels to be a positive test but instead it came up negative not once but twice. I'm just confused because of how far along I am kinda doesn't match when my bf came home. Help me please, someone who knows what they are talking about. Please please please!!!!


Hi Jacklyn,

It is VERY unlikely that you would get pregnant having sex up to about 10 days before your period.  It's past ovulation and the closer you get to your period due date, the less fertile you are.

If you had a "normal" period you were NOT pregnant beforehand either.

You had sex on day 5 of your cycle.  Sperm can survive up to about 5 days.  If you ovulate early your boyfriend is the likely father.

Your doctor is correct.  Dates are based on your LMP.  You are 4 weeks along even though conception occurred about two weeks later.

It takes about two weeks for the tests to become accurate but sometimes it can take longer.  Dont' worry about when you had the positive test.

Assuming you had a normal period on April 27, your boyfriend is, with almost 100% certainty, the father.