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Im a girl .. And well I usually have unprotected sex and acouple of months ago I started having yellow-ish or sometimes green-ish liquid or ' puss ' come out of my vagana and it hurts to pee now , I don't know whats going on im kind of scared to tell my mom because I don't know what she'll do ... And usually when I go use the restroom (pee) I pee out some yellowish thing and it looks like clogged up puss like usually what happenes when your on your period and you have clots of blood but its something else and it really has a bad smell to it , and I cant hold me bladder when I have to go I have to usually run to the restroom and hurry because I might pee on my self .... I just hope you understand what I am trying to say .. I need help ! Please can someone tell me what it is .... I don't know if its HIV/AIDS or ect .. Im scared to have sex because I don't want my partner to catch something or I end up having the fluid on his penis or the smell comes out .. Just please I hope someone can help me ! And if your not sure please dont say anything because I don't want to get a wrong answer and I get scared ...


Hi Quick,

You need to see your doctor ASAP.  Yellowish, greenish, or puss are all signs of an infection.  It could be a yeast infection, it may be an STD, it may also be a urinary tract infection.

You can have more than one infection?  Yeast infections are very common and urinary tract infections are common in women after having sex.

It will only get worse and may cause problems with your fertility later in life if it is an STD.

See your doctor, get it checked, and get treated.  Good luck.