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Is it normal to feel a discharge throughout the day? Like if your sitting down? I especially notice it after I pee. After I wipe and I stand up, I notice a discharge. My panties don't get wet, but I feel it, like you do when you have your period and you can feel something going on. Is this just my vagina moistening itself again after I pee or is this something I should be concerned about. It eventually exits onto my panties and it's a whitish/yellowish color. I don't usually notice a scent, but I'm sure if I smelled my panties, I would smell something. I'm only 22.


Excessive discharge can be normal as well as indicate infection and you don't have to be sexually active to get an infection.

Some women have excessive discharge and it's normal, vagina cleaning itself. It usually gets heavier around ovulation and slightly before period. White-yellowish color without an odor is Ok.

However, it's always good to see a gyn and have it checked. It could be yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis that are not STD's but require treatment. You can never tell what it is until you are seen by a gyn.